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by pawrui

Oh my gosh, icyfrostycats, this is so awesome! I don't know what your talking about when you say it wasn't very good! This is beautiful...

I Think you did a great job on this picture, the lighting,shading and colour is perfect, I like how you added hair, the background is v...

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EDIT: I chose the winners a bit early aa well. The winners are below:
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We are going to change the username "mrfarts" , we loved it really very much but we lost few big projects because of the silly name they told. SO we are going to get a few more silly names and letting you decide which is the best.
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shade walked across the forest until he found the moors, it was dark, and few stars were showing up, he could see a log stuck into the grass and mud a bit infront of him, and relief filled up inside of his, he quickened his pace, Beside the log, he quietly crouched, then, leapt out infront of the log hole, there was a tiny silver tabby, 8 moons old, " shade!"she squealed, falling back in terror and excitememnt, shade laughed, " come on out, ocean. The silver she cat smilled and leapt up, pawing out side of the log, She smiled up at her brother, " did you catch anything?" Ocean asked, shade shook his head, his smile turning to a grim expression, " nothing here." He looked off into the moor lands, suddenly, he saw a flash of red, shade blinked, Fear creeping up inside his pelt, as he realized that it was a fox, " ocean, get to the forest." He said shakily, ocean sat next to him, looking up, " huh?" The splotch of red was coming closer and closer, " run!" He shrieked. He veered around and snatched ocean by the scruff, " what are you--" then she cried out, she knew it ew a fox, shade was running towards the woods, hoping to loose it in there, he looked over his shoulder,it was a few cat lengths away, ocean seemed to be paddling her paws around as if she was swimming as they broke threw some thorns, into the woods, it sure slowed the fox back, but he still was coming, " there!" Ocean pointed her paw to the right, there was a hole, shade turned and leapt into it, when suddenly, instead of hitting the ground, shade looked down and saw his paws on a slim she cats body, she was staring up and him,  " what're you--" shade murmured something, but no one could hear very well when he had oceans scruff in his mouth, he dropped her, " hide! A fox!" Shade sputtered, he stepped of the cat, and shoved her in to the corner of the den with ocean, then shade joined them,


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Jay chapman
I love to read I'm friendly and am an only child, I have blond hair and green eyes and love cats, I want to be an author, I'm friendly. Hollyleaf rules.


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